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İstanbul, it's over 
tonight we take a bus for Bergama where  we will ride our two normal bikes to go to İzmir and then Erzurum
We had great time in this city, it's was so good to meet all this nice and interesting people, we enjoyed their hospitality and their openmindness, our political talk or crazy evening discovering new places and unbelievable music, 
when you have time, just come here, walk in the street, accept the tea from an unknown personn and enjoyed at every streetcorner the beatuy of the town and their habitants
thanks to all stanbuliotes 
see you

here is some music links we discovered (thanks to Pelinn and Celine) :
Ceza, turkish rap
Hayko Cepkin the turkish Marilyn Manson ?
and how to forget Tarkan that every one knows
traditionel music with luth instrument
still traditionel music with the peaceful sound of the ney

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