Arrived in Bangkok

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We arrived in Bangkok three weeks ago.
We had great time in this huge city and Christophe's brother and two friends came to join us for holidays.
It was hard to write any article as we had, and still have, our mind full of, full of pictures of this last year and we can't make any order for the moment.
But for us it seems it's still not the time to do that.
We still have the will to go on: South Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand are calling's so near, it has been a dream for a long time.
It was an important decision to take but we took it: we go on!
The only thing we can say now about what our travel teach us is that real travel has no limit of time and space. We don't want to make an exact plan.
Now we're going on to South Thailand. Bike, beach, snorkeling... some holidays before cycling to Malaysia and Singapore. From there, we have a flight to Darwin in Australia where we plan to work for a while (we've just received a one year working-holiday-visa) before to cycle to Sydney.
So next stop: Singapore? Sydney? Auckland? We don't know already, we'll see where our bicycles will guide us.

For now we go to Phuket where we'll meet the children and members of Child Watch Phuket (CWP). Thanks to you, CWP have received around 4000 euros and scolarized 10 children for 3 years.

Follow this link for some pictures of Bangkok and the islands.

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