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The last time we wrote an article, we were our the way to Adelaide.

After four months in the Northern Territory, it was time to go on.

So we had a lift with Popeye a truckdriver, we put our bicycles in one of the trails and 48 hours later, Popeye had driven 3000km. We had long and interesting talks during this journey.

The road was sometimes straight during hundreds of kilometers. The landscape was changing slowly, slowly.

From Adelaide, we cycled to Melbourne along the Great ocean Road.

We've stayed a few days in Melbourne, the time to listen to a few gigs with Matthias and Katrina and we took a ferry for Tasmania.

We arrived in Tasmania the 24th of January, just in time for the Rainbow Gathering, a hippie festival with no drugs, no alcool, no electricity but full of power and good energy. We spent three weeks there surrounded by a beautiful nature, at the foot of Mount Roland, on the Mersey river.

Then we kept discovering this beautiful island, its rainforests, montains, lakes, rivers, white sandbeaches on the East Coast, or wild ocean on the West side.

We put up the tent in some very wild places where human hasn't had too much impact on nature yet.

This is the kind of place where you just want to sit on a rock, listen to the wind, watch the mist and waves hitting the

rocks, feeling the small drops of seawater on your skin. Instinctively, we close our eyes and we breath deeply. Plenitude, humility, right now at this time, in front of this wave appearing and disappearing, we are so small, so unperfect, the Nature is so huge, perfect and powerful. This is an honour to be here, to have come to this world, to belong to this nature.


Tasmania makes this effect.


We bought a car to make a tour of Tasmania with our friend Arnaud who visited us for three weeks.

Finally we will keep the car until the end of our visa (4/09/09).
We plan to leave Tasmania this week to go up North, to look for more heat and sun (winter is coming here) and we need to find a job and save money to keep travelling.



PS: 35000 years ago, the first aborigenals arrived.

They lived in harmony with nature all this time, 35000 years, it's like 16 times from Jesus Christ until now...

1777, the white men arrived. They started with the crucifix in one hand to build churches. They digged goldmines, hunted animals for their fur, deforested to build boats and railways.

In one word, they came to make business or to bring civilisation.

1833, on the 5000 to 10000 aborigenals living there, only 300 have survived. The other ones have been murderd, raped, hunted.

The 300 survivors have been deported on Flinders island. In 1776, the last one died.

Today the same mentality of developpement and profit justifies the destruction of nature and the exploitation of human beings.
That's the feeling we have when we see those precious ancient tasmanian forests being logged to make toilet paper.
Why should it change?

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